Agency Book Script Service Ltd.

Literary agency international

Our tasks

We are contact partners for young, unknown and well-known authors.

Our activity is focused on proofreading | Editorial | Media with personal relation to each partner. This means we represent the interests towards international, successful and literary important companies - of course up to the management level (decision-makers).

We are open to all concerns and offer proofreading texts to realization, design manuscripts to the final stage and take care of the realization from book writer è screenplay è Film / TV.

Our work is based exclusively on a contingency basis, therefore no reading and examination fees will be charged - no advance payments. Of all the publication fees that flow from a contract mediated by us, we receive a commission (15% - 20%).

We offer support in marketing and design for independent authors.

We see ourselves as all-inclusive agency.

For reflection

The use of money is preferable to the possession of money.

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