Agency Book Script Service Ltd.

Literary agency international

Our services in brief description

As part of the professionalization of the book (+ film) industry, publishers experience a relief and authors are supported by our global commitment.

  1. Your manuscript will be examined as quickly as possible whether it is "good" enought and can be accommodated in the book market.

  2. If we consider cooperation, your manuscript is checked for possible improvement opportunities.

  3. In consultation with the author, the manuscript is "styled" lyricially according to the requirements of publishers.

  4. We will take establish contact for accommodation at possible matching and maximum publishers and / or film production companies.

  5. We intervene and support during fee negotiations and the conclusion of contracts, including the ancillary rights and licenses. The negotiations are under our supervision.

  6. We follow and check the PR activities of the publishers.

  7. We monitor sales and royalties and take over the representation of your rights and licenses in Germany and abroad.

  8. We will always keep the author up to date about activities (eg, mediation, etc.).

  9. Our fees are due only in case of success.

For reflection

Quality is no coincidence; it is always the result of intelligent effort.

John Ruskin

(1819 - 1900), English art critic, social economist and social reformer