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Manuscript submissions

You want to send us a manuscript for consideration? Then, follow these recommendations to facilitate our work and later also the work of publishers.

  1. The submission of texts, manuscripts, and screenplays is without any obligations for you and with no ties to us.

  2. It's best to send us the manuscripts per email in a common file format, eg Word doc (x), pdf.

  3. The manuscript should be complete in order to give us a complete impression. For this purpose, an exposé and a CV with photo are required.

  4. Your manuscript is not available in digital form - no problem. Let us know about this and we inform you about the address of the administrator who is in charge of your manuscript.

  5. Please do not send any original documents - copies are sufficient!

  6. You may have already published your work in "Self-Publishing" and are not satisfied with the results? No problem; we are open even for these cases.

For reflection

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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