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About the procedure

Whether young-, first author or seasoned writer, we represent all of them. Topics include all genres. We work on a contingency fee basis.

We provide counseling and support as part of our cooperation for the creation of publishing manuscripts.

Necessary measures for professional usage of the manuscript are done by selecting the publishers, examining the publishing contracts, review and settlement of royalty statements, etc..

After the sales of rights, our support will, of course, not end. We always place emphasis on sales, advertising, PR and press work in all media.

We are interested in the manuscript?

If our interest is piqued, we will contact you. If there is mutual desire to work together, we will send you an agency agreement. If the contract meets your needs and you sign it, your manuscript is proofread by us, matched again with you and then offered to publishers.

We will not charge you for this extensive, elaborate work.

Rejection? - What happens next ...

Given the large number of manuscripts that we receive, we ask for your understanding - not every rejection will be explained individually.

For reflection

The harder the fight, the more honorable the triumph. What we obtain too easily, we view as too small: only the high price gives value to each thing. I value the person who can smile despite difficulties, who becomes strong through suffering and brave through reflection. Retreat is a matter of little minds; but he whose heart is firm and whose conscience approves of his behavior, follows his principles until death.

Thomas Paine

(1737 - 1809), American craftsmen, teachers, politicians, customs officer and journalist